The Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Klub (SPARK) is a vibrant community of amateur radio enthusiasts who come together for a wide range of activities aimed at fostering camaraderie, promoting knowledge sharing, and enhancing the radio operator experience. Among our various events and initiatives, SPARK is well-known for its antenna parties, station setup assistance, educational nets, and annual participation in the ARRL Field Day.

Although people join the hobby for many reasons, all gain a basic knowledge of communications technology and operating principles, demonstrated by passing at least the basic Technician class FCC multiple choice examination. Operators gain additional operating privileges by passing the General class and Amateur Extra class exams. The fact is that this is a lifelong learning experience; no ham knows everything about the hobby and is always working to expand his or her knowledge.

Picture of someone soldering the feedline of an antenna that was built during the 2022 Feild Day event.
Amateur Radio is FUN!!!
Photo by Melissa Buss

Organizer: Don (KJ4MZ)

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