Power Distribution

Build your own Power Distribution enclosure. The number and type of connections are your choice.

Power distribution circuit board with Anderson power poles, and fuse holders installed.


Find, make, or buy the enclosure. This enclosure came from an old RF Attenuator.

Finished Power Distribution enclosure.

Mag Loop Tuner

Variable capacitor connected to a linear motor, remotely controlled by a stepper controller.

Variable capacitor connected to a stepper motor.


Mag loop, large loop, made from 6 awg solid copper wire. Small loop made from aluminum flat bar.

Mag Loop Antenna project finished.

Rotor setup on tower

Draw out your plans with installation ideas and materials required to execute plan.

Hand drawn plans for mounting a rotor in top portion of Rohn 25 tower.


Make your install match your plans.

Finished the install of the rotor on tower.

Mobile bike station

Get your station installed on your bike. Red circuit board with white button is push-to-talk. DIY mic adapter, accepts headset jack. This system was designed and built by Addison, AA4AV, to fit most any bike.

Bike station - Radio mounted on handle bars, and small circuit mounted on right handle bar for PPT.

Rear of bike station

The rear of the bike holds the batteries, and the mag mount antenna is in place with a steel base attached to the crate. A 5/8 wave antenna works best in this configuration. The power and antenna cables are supported on the bike frame. The headset with mic is installed in the helmet.

Bike rear rack has a plastic crate mounted to it, to hold the batteries and antenna.

Power supply fan upgrade

If your power supply fan is too loud or not cooling enough, upgrade it.

Modifying fan in power supply.


The power supply case had very small holes and the fan was loud. Replaced fan with a quite fan and cut a around hole in the side of the case to help air flow. A resistor was used to slow fan to desired speed.

Finished power supply fan upgrade.  Replaced fan with quiet fan and added 2 inch hole in side of enclosure for better ventilation.  Added resistor to get fan at desired speed.

Cable entry enclosure

If you have 3D modeling skills and software, model your projects for form and fit.

3D model of cable entrance enclosure with lightening arrestors.


At this point, the components were being laid out and checking the cable route inside the enclosure. The project turned out great.

Cable entry enclosure with lightening arresters installed on copper plate.

Hand drawn plans

Sometimes your best made plans wind up in the…

Hand Drawn electrical plan of DIY Mic Station


If things do not work out as you intended, head back to the drawing board and chalk up your failure to a learning opportunity.

SWAMP - Have messed up project and plans are in the SWAMP.  Time to start over.