Events In the Area

Posted on this page are local events that may, not only interest HAM operators, but anyone in our surrounding communities.

Online CERT Training for the City of HAMPTON.
CERT Logo of Hampton


January 9, 2024           Annual Kick Off Meeting- Cancelled due to inclement weather

February 13, 2024       Orientation for Spring Hybrid Course (EOC – Fire Station 11)

February, 2024            Spring Hybrid Basic Training (Online Courses)

March 5, 2024              CERT Meeting & Advanced Training- Stop the Bleed

March 23, 2024            Spring Super Saturday-Basic Skills Training & Exercise

April, 2024 (TBD)         Preparation for Community Preparedness Fair Roles

May 1-7, 2024              National Hurricane Preparedness Week

May 4, 2024                 COMMUNITY PREPAREDNESS FAIR (Public Education)

May 7, 2024                  CERT Meeting & Advanced Training- ICS, Forms & Radios

June 29-30, 2024         You’re Invited: Amateur Radio Field Day Exercise

July 9, 2024                  CERT Meeting & Advanced Training- Team Roles

September 10, 2024    CERT Meeting & Training- Medical Skills Review

September, 2024          Fall Hybrid Basic Training (Online Courses)

October 26, 2024         Fall Super Saturday-Basic Skills Training & Exercise

October, 2024 (TBD)    National Weather Service SKYWARN Training

November 5, 2024        CERT Meeting & Advanced Training-Weather Safety




Tidewater HAMfest and Swap Meet